Cherry band is a folk band from Lviv, Ukraine, which plays folk songs in own arrangements and own songs in the pop folk and indie folk style. In the band original folk instruments are combined with electronic. The reason why we started our own band is that we would like to play folk songs how we feel them, bring them closer to young people, create a new view of folk music played on banduras.

A bandura (Ukrainian: банду́ра) is a Ukrainian plucked string folk instrument. It combines elements of a box zither and lute. This instrument has a long history and eastern roots. One can play slavic folk songs, oriental motivs as well as modern melodies on it.

Cherry Band performs at local and international festivals and events. Often associated with Ukrainian culture we also play at non-folk oriented events. In our repertoire we have western Ukrainian folk songs, carols, mayflies, lemko songs. The band can present two 45 min sets.

We play the bandura as we feel it!

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Anastasiya Voytyuk (bandura, guitar, vocal, songs arrangements)
Marichka Bondaletova (bandura, vocal)
Yuliana Vintuk (bandura, vocal)
Iryna Semeniv (bandura, vocal)
Stanislav Kyryllov (percussion)
Serhiy Svirskyy (bass)
Iryna Lobanok (keyboard)

+38 066 6261357 (Anastasiya, leader of the band)
+38 063 2800519 (Iryna, participant of the band)

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